28/08 | Tuesday | 21.30 | 15 €

Pignano – Borgo Pignano: Courtyard


Chambermusic recital

Music by Evard Grieg, Guillaume Lekeu


Pierre Fouchenneret violin | Romain Descharmes, piano

The duo Pierre Fouchenneret and Romain Descharmes are an integral part of the programming of ARTE e MUSICA and nobody who ever heard them would want to give up this musical rendezvous.

Review by Peter Quantrill:

“Pierre Fouchenneret has a lovely, easy way with the pearly strings of semiquavers that pass for thematic development in the early sonatas [of Beethoven], where the influence of Mozart and Corelli still runs. Romain Descharmes is his partner, a master of subtle rubato, stealing a quaver here and there to lean into a phrase and putting it back before a loss of pulse can be detected.”

Review by Andrew Farach-Colton

“The bigger and better surprise, though, is the unaffected, highly accomplished musicianship of Pierre Fouchenneret and Romain Descharmes, … . Fouchenneret’s tone is warm yet finely focused and with spot-on intonation throughout. Descharmes’s touch is unfailingly elegant; he renders even the thickest passages with crystalline clarity. Together, they are in total sympathy, phrasing with an affectionate attention to detail as well as a feeling for architecture.”

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