15/07 | Friday | 21.30 | 15 €

Querceto (Granaio)

Music Theatre

The Amsterdam Consort  NL | MUSIC THEATRE |

Jeannette Landré, flute | Albert Adams, violin, viola | Marieke Stordiau, bassoon | Mariken Zandvliet, piano | Ubaldo Pantani, narrator

History of Querceto, stories about Querceto through the ages, told by an actor, music by the ensemble



The Amsterdam Consort

The Amsterdam Consort is a Dutch music ensemble and performs regularly on special locations. Concerts and musictheatre are the main activities of the ensemble and consists of 4 to 25 musicians. The consort does not focus solely on the standard repertoire. The programmes also include remarkable, little-known works, some of which are only available in manuscript and have never been published. The performances of these compositions in combination with more familiar works prove to be refreshing to listeners and performers alike.

They love to play in The Amsterdam Consort because of the common vision on the performance of the music, the inspiring atmosphere and the special context of the projects. Not unimportantly, the musicians all have an affinity for Mediterranean culture, cuisine and wine. The shared passions for music and culture and the outstanding quality of the musicians result in vibrant and performances.

Musicians, July 2022 in Tuscany

The musicians have known each other for many years through performances in other formations. Jeannette Landré and Marieke Stordiau are permanent members of the Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Albert has played with the Combattimento Consort Amsterdam and as a freelancer with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Mariken plays in Tango Aliado and is a correpetitor at the conservatories of Amsterdam and Utrecht.

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