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MARCO POLO association, through ACCADEMIA LIBERA NATURA E CULTURA, has developed a calendar of high level events, collaborating with numerous associations from the Val di Cecina, involving the municipalities of Montecatini Val di Cecina, Volterra and Castelnuovo, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia. Four festivals take place on the natural stages of the castles and villages of Querceto, Mazzolla, Pignano and Montecastelli.
The piano, the opera, tango and chamber music are the protagonists of the ARTE & MUSICA festival, but also performances of jazz and world music are scheduled. Enriched by training courses, ARTE & MUSICA creates a synergy between the local and the international scene and brings together different nations and languages ​​in a climate of friendship and dialogue.



In the heart of Val di Cecina between Volterra and the Etruscan coast lies the dreamy village of Querceto, surrounded by fields and forests. The medieval castle of the Ginori Lisci family covers almost the entire Querceto. Querceto has been completely restored and has a lively social cultural life


The dreamy village of Mazzolla, close to Volterra, lies between the fields and forests and was originally an ancient settlement of Etruscans. In the center is the villa of the family Viti, situated with style elements from the Middle Ages and 18th century. It overlooks the nature reserve of Berignone.


Today Borgo Pignano is an elegant countryside hotel in Tuscany, but like other spots in this glorious countryside, it was first settled during Etruscan times. Large stones at the base of the church, villa and some of the outlying walls are vestiges of the people who lived here over 2,500 years ago.


In one of the most important cities of the Etruscan city federation are several historical properties of the family Inghirami. Together with local foundations they form the logistical core of the masterclasses and projects, initiated by the ACCADEMIA LIBERA NATURA E CULTURA.



Performance ‘The Blizzard’ 13 July in Querceto

Classical music, opera and tango are the protagonists of the festival, but also performances of jazz and world music are scheduled. The festival creates synergy and brings ​in a climate of friendship and dialogue.


Every year an international pianofestival takes place in Querceto under the direction of the Italian pianist Paolo Francese. Concerts and masterclasses of a high standard are scheduled in the last week of July.


Summer courses in Querceto, Mazzolla and Volterra in the fields of art, music, cuisine and language. We want to participate actively in the elimination of linguistic and cultural barriers and open space for personal growth.



09/06 SUN/DOM|  WORLD MUSIC | 21.30 | Querceto – Piazza 
Cafè del Mundo | flamenco

13/06 THU/GIO| WORLD MUSIC | 21.30 | Pignano (Volterra) – Cortile
Cafè del Mundo| flamenco

27/06 THU/GIO | MUSICAL | Querceto – Piazza 
Fantasia di Musical
students from italian soprano Chiara Mattioli | Cabaret, Les Misérables, Grease, Cats, Sister Act, The Phantom of the Opera,…

30/06 SUN/DOM | JAZZ | 21.30 | Querceto – Piazza
Gwen Sampé
voice & Harry Swift, contrabbasso | jazz


05/07  FRI/VEN | JAZZ | 21.30 | Pignano (Volterra) – Cortile 
Gwen Sampé
voice & David Sandes, piano | jazz

07/07 SUN/DOM OPERA | 21.30 | Querceto – Cortile interno del Castello
Cavalleria Rusticana | Opera lirica di Pietro Mascagni

10/07 WEN/MER | CONCERTO | 21.30 | Pignano (Volterra) – Cortile 
Amsterdam Consort  NL | MUSICA DA CAMERA | A. Vivaldi, H. Dutilleux, E. Bloch, D. Sjostakovistsj, J. Suk, F. Poulenc, G. Sviridov

12/07 FRI/VEN | CONCERTO | 21.30 | Querceto – Granaione del Castello
Amsterdam Consort
NL| MUSICA DA CAMERA | A. Vivaldi, H. Dutilleux, E. Bloch, D. Sjostakovistsj, J. Suk, F. Poulenc, G. Sviridov

18/07 THU/GIO | CONCERTO | 21.00 | Querceto – Granaio 
Pierre-Laurent Boucharlat F | pianoforte | C. Saint-Saëns, G. Fauré, C. Debussy, M. Moussorgsky

19/07 FRI/VEN | CONCERTO | 21.00 – Querceto – Granaio | Free entrance
Award concert, compositions made by the students of the course: composition

19/07 VEN/FRI CINEMA MUTO | 21.00 | Mazzolla – Piazza| Free entrance
Nosferatu il Vampiro di F.W. Murnau con Jens Schlichting al pianoforte

21/07 SUN/DOM | CONCERTO | 21.00 – Querceto – Granaio
Lilia Boyadjieva/Dora Bratchkova BUL | pianoforte/violino| L. Van Beethoven, M. Ravel, D. Shostakovich

24/07 WED/MER | CONCERTO | 21.00 – Montecatini VC – Piazza della Chiesa
Award concert students of the courses: flute, guitar | L. Beethoven, F. Chopin, J. Brahms, W.A. Mozart

25/07 THU/GIO | CONCERTO | 21.00 – Querceto – Granaio
Award concert, students of the courses: piano, flute, violin, guitar | L. Beethoven, F. Chopin, J. Brahms, W.A. Mozart

28/07 SUN/DOM | CONCERTO| 21.00 | Querceto – Granaio
Denis Chefanov
RUS | pianoforte | F. J. Haydn, F. Chopin, F. Liszt, P. I. Tchaikovsky, A. N. Skryabin, S. Rachmaninov


02/08 VEN/FRI | CINEMA MUTO | 21.00 | Mazzolla – Piazza
The General di Buster Keaton con Jens Schlichting al pianoforte

03/08-10/08 SATURDAY | WORKSHOP TANGO | Querceto
Teachers: Ximena Zalazar Firpo & Willem Meul

04/08 SUN/DOM | TANGO ARGENTINO | 21.30 | Querceto – Terrazzone deL Castello
Tango Argentino – Show | Estro Tango & Trio Piazza Tango ARG/BE/FR | Milonga

05/08 MON/LUN | TANGO ARGENTINO | 21.30 | Volterra – Teatro Romano
Tango Argentino – Show | Estro Tango & Trio Piazza Tango ARG/BE/FR | Milonga

06/08 TUE/MAR | TANGO ARGENTINO | 21.30 | Pignano (Volterra) – Cortile
Tango Argentino – Show | Estro Tango & Trio Piazza Tango ARG/BE/FR

07/08 WED/MER | MILONGA | 21.30 | Montecatini VC – Piazza della Repubblica | Free entrance
Milonga with live music | Trio Piazza Tango  | Open for all to join

09/08 FRI/VEN | MILONGA | 21.30 | Querceto – Terrazzone del Castello
Milonga with live music | Trio Piazza Tango  | Open for all to join

11/08 SUN/DOM | CONCERTO | 21.30 | Montecastelli – Castelnuovo VC | Free entrance
Voce di Donna… o d’Angelo | Chiara Mattioli soprano, Amanda Ferri mezzosoprano | Paolo Filidei  pianoforte| ITA|  G. B. Pergolesi, G. Rossini, A. Ponchielli, G. Puccini, G. Verdi, G. Bizet, J. Offenbach

14/08 WED/MER | SPETTACOLO-MILONGA | 21.30 | Volterra – Pinacoteca civica
Duo Arrabalero  | Loriana Lazzareschi&Antonio de Francesco |ARG/IT

15/08 THU/GIO | TANGO ARGENTINO | 21.30 | Borgo Pignano – Pignano 
Ruben Peloni Trio |ARG/IT


01/09 SUN/DOM | CONCERTO | 21.00 | Querceto – Granaio 
La Charcha Trio: Daniele Bonaviri
chitarra | Monica di Luca chitarra I Gabriele Gaglierini percussioni| flamenco/jazz/latino | IT








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